Let’s begin

I’ve noticed WordPress might be a better place to host my blog for music, so that’s why I’m here. I don’t have to much to say right now but I thought I would do a post tonight to get started.

As a creative person, it’s so hard to follow through with things. I had this discussion with a fellow musician so I’m not alone in this struggle. So many ideas come to you. Wonderful ideas at that, maybe even some of your best, but there’s always that huge chance of your ideas staying just that.


It’s so easy to get discouraged, so easy to give up, so easy to think it’s ok, I’ll have the same if not better idea later. I made a big announcement on tumblr a month or so ago about how I was really going to buckle down and get music done and really work towards the goal of being an independent musician. But as always I kinda fell right on my face again and let my motivation sit on the shelf while I slept in.

Wasn’t a total wash though. I did start out strong, made some great content even if they were just little ideas. I made a good amount of YouTube videos and soundcloud recordings. Eventually though I don’t know if I became lazy or discouraged, or both. Maybe I was trying to create to much to fast and not allowing myself to make something I felt was meaningful… I dunno.

I think I’m starting to get back into the swing of things though. I’ve been making some great sounds come out of my guitar amp lately, getting closer to emulating the artists I love. The next step of course is to make those sounds my own. But that will take time, but I’ll find my sound eventually.

So for now, until my next blog, I guess I’ll keep playing, keep making new sounds, and keep producing material. Most importantly, keep learning. And don’t be a perfectionist.

Until next time.